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Go Sox! Go Cubs!

Filed in: games, Tue, Oct 7 2003 05:59 PT

The Boston Red Sox are going to the American League Championship Series. The Chicago Cubs are going to the National League Championship Series. If you’re a fan of the underdog, even if you don’t like baseball, this should be an outstanding sports week.

I need to explain the significance of these data points. The last time the Sox won a World Series was 1918, when they beat… the Chicago Cubs. The last Cubs world championship was in 1908. The baseball fans of Boston and (north) Chicago are perhaps the most long-suffering fans in all of sport. If either team hoists a World Series trophy later this month, it’s almost unfathomable what would happen to their hometown.

If you believe in Cinderella stories, you can’t help but wish for a Cubs-Red Sox World Series. For someone, the curse will be lifted.

I give it a 1-in-3 shot. The Cubs can probably win their series, but Boston has to face the hated Yankees. Keep hope alive, people. This is the best time of the year to be a sports fan.

Update: My friend Michael was wearing a Red Sox hat in Oakland (and getting pelted with peanut M&Ms) during Game 5. His description of the scene is worth the trip, and loaded with pictures and video.

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