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I still want my personal server

Filed in: Apple, tech, Thu, Oct 16 2003 18:46 PT

When I was in San Francisco last month, I was asked if my iPod was a “recording device.” I smirked and said no — and then wrote that I want a device like the iPod to be my personal server.

So, about that. ThinkSecret is now saying that Apple will unveil a microphone for the iPod in conjunction with its iTunes Music Store for Windows announcement. Additionally, ThinkSecret claims that there will be a flash card reader to store digital camera images. I’m disappointed, though unsurprised, to find that a third-generation iPod will be required.

Anyway, the lesson here, if this is in fact what is in the announcement, is that you can control large amounts of data away from your computer, and the ramifications of that are pretty darned neato. I have friends who carry around CDs of customized Knoppix installs so they can boot up random machines and run their own desktop of choice. If you can store your pictures and voice memos on your iPod, why not a bootable disk? And, from there, why not just use that iPod as your primary storage device all around? Why don’t they hurry up and make a 200GB iPod like I asked?

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