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ban Comic Sans

Found while closing fifteen browser windows:

  • An Esquire article on international-fugitive blogger Isabella v.. The keyword here is “intrigue.” Whether or not Isabella v. is a real person on the run from her oppressive father, this article is worth reading merely for the cloak-and-dagger value.
  • Gizmodo: the iPod Accessories Are Out. As much as I was excited by the introduction of a microphone and flash media storage for the iPod, I’m let down by the cheap take on the former (the mic is integrated, with no plug for a better one), and the high cost of the latter ($99, when I can buy a USB media reader for $19? Feh.). Great ideas, poor execution. Better luck next time.
  • I’ve been planning on starting up a gallery of applications of the Comic Sans font in the wild, from storefronts to menus to subtitles on the Real World Paris. Joe gave this as a throwaway link.
  • Mark Pilgrim on the Atom API. The more I think about the blogging software I’m writing, the more seriously I consider writing a major server component to Logme. (Which, by the way, may end up changing names, since I never checked to see that a hundred different pieces of software use the same name.) The server component will certainly be supporting Atom and Blogger interfaces. I also noticed in the comments a Java-based toolkit for Atom called Sandler (get it? Atom? Sandler?). That should make things easier if I feel like making that component in Java.

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