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Things I didn’t do

Filed in: games, personal, Mon, Dec 8 2003 05:31 PT

I did not buy Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix complete with the mat for myself.

I did not open it shortly after I got home, because I couldn’t wait until Christmas to play it.

I did not spend the evening playing it when I should be packing for my trip.

I did not send a message to friends I know who just got the same kit, threatening to challenge them on Xbox Live.

I did not shop for a hard mat, because they play better. Nor did I shop for newer dancing games.

I also did not watch celebrity poker.

Nor did I play poker on Yahoo today.

I especially didn’t increase my stack.

Because these things would be wrong, and perhaps indicate something about my personality. (Incidentally, the Seattle Times ran an article on new video game markets today. Curious timing for all that which didn’t happen.)

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