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Moving locations

Filed in: meta, personal, Wed, Jun 16 2004 23:09 PT

I’m changing hosts. You will probably notice some period of time during which you won’t see anything here. This sucks, and is beyond my control, but I just cut my hosting bill by 75% and got two orders of magnitude more bandwidth than I can use, so one takes the good with the bad. I’ll be back up within 24 hours.

In other news, since you’ve asked, I’ve been keeping busy, which is what explains the almost week-long gap between posts. I got Gentoo Linux running on my desktop machine and my PowerBook G3, and appear to have managed to get MythTV running on top of that. I modded my Xbox to run Xbox Media Center as well, and it’s streaming the video from my desktop. Ultimately, I’d like to migrate from TiVo to MythTV as my main system, but there are a couple of other side projects that come with that. Namely, I need a new hard drive and another modded Xbox to go downstairs. I’d also like to get GentooX running on the Xbox, and maybe retire my old Linux set-top in the process. And it’d be nice to get my digital cable box into the mix before the next season of the Sopranos. But for now, lots of things in my house that didn’t work now do, and that makes me happy.

And I’ve been running. I don’t know why, because I hate running, but I suspect it has something to do with the challenge of keeping a sub-10-minute-mile pace for 30 minutes. I’ll be running in a 5k on Friday evening(!) to validate that my body has actually changed for the better. Already my body fat has dropped by 20%, so I guess I’m on the right track.

This has been your LiveJournal-like update on my life, and consequently, what a geek I am.

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