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bkf: the dragon redesign

Filed in: design, meta, Sun, Jul 25 2004 19:06 PT

I don’t know what it is about me and blue, but here I am, sacrificing my trademark color again to bring you new flavor.

New features:

  • Bestkungfu Guy is now fully visible, and has changed his uniform from red to white.
  • The color scheme has changed. Which is to say, there is a color scheme now, rather than just red, black and white.
  • I’m going with 1em Georgia for the main font, bumping up from 0.9em.
  • Monthly archives, which nobody really cares about, have been moved off to a side.
  • Keyword archives, which have existed, but were impossible to find together, are now available from the top nav.
  • Links to other blogs are now similarly linked.
  • Surprise! I have a feed, and now you get to see it as it updates.
  • The dragon, which comes from a photo I took of the rooftop of a Shinto shrine in Yokohama, Japan.

Still to do: I’m not sure about the search box yet, but it may end up in the top right-hand corner. I’m going to add lots of links to other blogs. The CSS, of course, requires tweaking. And I’ll be integrating my categories with my blog categories, so you’ll get to see relevant links when browsing categories. Unless there aren’t any, in which case I’ll just post ten links to the fad link of the week or something.

The colors and images may change at my whim, but the structure is probably here to stay. Hope you like it.

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