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The elevator speech challenge

Filed in: games, Wed, Jul 28 2004 22:30 PT

Here’s a challenge for y’all. Feel free to respond in comments or by trackback. There’s a Gmail account in it for the winner, for the six of you who don’t already have one.

Scenario: You have just walked into an elevator and found yourself next to the one person you’ve always wanted to persuade. You can say anything you want to sell this person on your position, but you only have one minute before one of you reaches your destination. For the purposes of this challenge, let’s say one minute equals 150 words.

So make your elevator speech in 150 words or less. (Optional: if it’s not obvious, explain who your victim is.)

I will do mine on Web accessibility once this thing gets rolling. Count your words carefully on this one, because I may just truncate the ones that are too long…

2 responses to “The elevator speech challenge”

  1. speechless says:

    [mind fills with millions of thoughs, body goes stiff, palms start to sweat, mouth gets dry as it stammers and sputters trying to begin]

    “ding” elevator arrives, times up!

    I know, sounds like a bad Tv comedy, but it’s so true. No gMail account for me today…but if I think of some good reasons why I should get it, I will….”ding”

  2. dave sherman says:

    How many people submitted elevator speeches for your contest? I specialize in helping people create well crafted elevator speeches and I’d love to see the ones that people submitted. Thanks

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