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Filed in: games, Thu, Aug 26 2004 12:04 PT

I love the Olympics. And I love this site. DFL contains a listing of last-place finishes in the 2004 Games.

But the great thing about this site is that the guy who is putting it together isn’t laughing at the athletes, he’s actually praising them. Which we all should do: when you look at the worst Olympic performances ever, I think 99% of us would be hard-pressed to beat a single one of them. Though I’m pretty sure I can beat Eric Moussambani’s 1:52.7 time in the 100 meter freestyle, the worst ever 5000 meter run is still almost 8 minutes faster than my personal best. And it was run in 1976.

(I do admit that I want to go to Calgary for a week someday to try to beat the Jamaican bobsled team’s time. I think that’d be fun.)

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