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Your quarterly poker post

Filed in: games, personal, Mon, Aug 9 2004 17:33 PT

I have to gloat a tiny bit here. I won my first poker tournament. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one I had intended to play.

I left the house around 10:30 on Saturday morning to go over to Goldie’s, where there’s a $20+3 buy-in no-limit hold-em tournament every day, only to find out that it’s too popular: I’d have to be there at the door at 10am if I wanted a chance to get in on the action. I went home dejected, commandeered my wife’s PC, and hopped on UltimateBet to get rid of my poker jones for the morning.

I ended up playing a sit-and-go tournament (10 players, with 50% going to the winner, 30% for second, and 20% for third). I lost my first hand on an unlucky card on the river, and ended up with half the chips of the rest of the players. From there, I played well enough to get back up from 465 to 1565 tournament chips. Then, I had some fun.

I drew a J9 suited, saw a flop that read T82. Sweet: I have an open-ended straight draw, and the bet to me was 20 chips. I call. The turn card: 7. Score. I go in for a few hundred chips, get two callers, and then someone raises back at me. At this point, I have the best possible hand, and there’s no flush draw out there, so it’s not hard for me to push all of my chips in. And then, something magical happens: I get four callers. Suddenly, on a table where there were seven players nickel-and-diming each other for pots, we now have 7000 chips in the center, and I own them. The river card doesn’t help anybody, and suddenly, the game is all but mine. I busted three players in the same hand, and left a fourth with 300 he lost on the next one. After that, I sat back and watched one player bust the other, and then I beat the last one head-to-head. Out of nine players, I busted five of them personally. I didn’t win much, but man, is it fun to have the big stack for once. I think I’m going to try to get into another brick-and-mortar tournament soon.

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