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The first thousand is the hardest

Filed in: meta, Sat, Nov 27 2004 23:50 PT

(or, One Thousand Bestkungfu Readers a Day Can’t Be Wrong.)

After several weeks of threatening to do so, I managed to hit a couple milestones over the weekend: the first 1000-unique-visit day, and the first (and second) entry to receive a thousand hits.

You may hereby stop pinging me from hundreds of random IPs daily just to get me to stop my damned whining. I don’t want the tracing those bots back to me. Thanks. 😉

In only mostly unrelated news, people named Matt represented a full third of the Boston WordPress Meetup. We promise not to oversaturate ourselves to this extent in the future. (Photographic evidence: all attendees but one, me scoping out a Nintendo DS)

3 responses to “The first thousand is the hardest”

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Matt! It was nice to meet you yesterday, and to discuss WordPress and whatnot. Nikkiana will have more and probably better photos up later today. I think it’s pretty funny that you and Kellan are going to cross paths as he moves from Seattle out to Boston and you head back to Seattle (or so I assume). Hope the rest of your time here is productive.

  2. nikkiana says:

    I’m actually not sure when my photos will be up… My photo album script isn’t cooperating with me. 🙁

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