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Music lovers unite

Filed in: marketing, music, rights, Wed, Feb 23 2005 23:12 PT

A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry on podcasting, music and the law, which has served nobly as a big wet blanket over the smouldering hopes and dreams of many a late-night music podcaster. Consider this Part 2, where I decide to do something about it.

The feedback I have gotten from podcasters and bloggers alike upon reading of the intricacies of music licensing has been: “dude, that sucks.” My response has been: “yah, totally.” Clearly, more discussion is needed, if for no other reason than to stop talking like surfers to one another.

It is with that goal in mind that I have created the Music Lovers Union. I want to attract artists, podcasters, broadcasters, and others interested in, to use a very non-surfer term, disintermediating the transaction between listener and musician. I want to talk about Creative Commons music, and ways to facilitate commercial licensing of that music. I want to help build a viable model for artists to share their love of music with the world, without fear of heavy debt and/or indentured servitude.

I have started a wiki and a mailing list, because it makes my life easier to formulate these things collaboratively. Please sign up if you want to take part.

Once I have made my new server Plone-friendly, there will be a more traditional community site, with downloads and links and chats and contests where people who are infinitely more talented than me battle for the listeners’ affections. There’s more, but it’s going to have to start with that. I promise to talk more about it in the next Staccato, which I keep telling myself I’m going to record before the weekend, because if I don’t, it ain’t happening until after Boston.

(I already have a logo drawn up, but I’m a little too busy to give it the attention it deserves in Illustrator, so, like, suffer, or something. It’ll be worth it when I print up the t-shirts. )

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