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Who’s a podcasting insider?

Filed in: projects, SXSW2005, vent, Mon, Mar 21 2005 11:26 PT

I’ve had enough. Dave Winer has taken enough sideswipes at SXSW over the last week, and its “insider” nature, that I can’t let him get away with it any longer. If anyone is a podcasting insider, it’s Dave Winer.

I was a panelist on the podcasting session at SXSW, and although I don’t necessarily feel that I need to, I can explain why (your favorite podcaster’s name here) was not on the panel.

I was approached to be on the panel about three weeks before the conference. They knew I was going to be at SXSW because I was speaking on another topic, and they knew I was a podcaster because I put it in my bio. Others on the panel were exhibitors (such as Dannie Gregoire) and/or locals. So, to those asking why Eric Rice or Evan Williams were not on the podium, there’s your answer. It was a last-minute thing, and the organizers didn’t pore over the attendance list with a Certified Podcasting Expert. That’s all.

Now, let’s deal with this “insider” crap. The podcasting session was held on the show floor of the conference, which was free and open to the public. Dave should know this, since I told the podcasters list about it. At the time, though, he was more interested in getting into the conference for free because he was a podcaster. Which strikes me as something an insider would try to do.

Speaking of. Winer talking to Robert Scoble about “insiders” still has me tickled. Who better to talk about them? Winer is the ultimate insider. He’s been in nearly all of the hundreds of mainstream media articles about podcasting — and moans incessantly about it when he’s left out. He has the phone number of anyone (he thinks is) worth talking to in podcasting. When he issues a command from the Holy See of Scripting News, and finds that it has not been done his way, whoever is responsible will find their Winer Number reduced in due time. He has his favorites, and his favorite villains, and makes good use of both lists when it suits him. (In the interest of full disclosure, he once shouted me down at a Seattle blogger Meetup for daring to have a view on the role of music in podcasting that wasn’t both in line with his and composed of two or fewer sentences in length. He also got his digs in at me when I went to the Berkman blogger meetup, apparently for no better reason than that I work for the W3C. For someone who talks so much about openness and exchanging ideas, his ability to handle such an open exchange is laughable.)

I did record our session, and I plan to make it available as soon as the SXSW people, now possibly recovering from their final hangovers of SXSW Music, give me their blessing to distribute it. I know that time is of the essence here, but I want listeners to have a clear enumeration of the rights they have to the final MP3. More on that soon. But let’s bury this “insider” bullshit once and for all.

10 responses to “Who’s a podcasting insider?”

  1. Nicole Simon says:

    What? You are no insider?! I will unsubscribe at once! 😉

  2. Bozo Faust says:

    One wonders if Dave is subscribed to Talk about folksonomy working 🙂

  3. Jay Fienberg says:

    Several of us folk here in Seattle were talking about creating some kind of local “outsiders” get-together for more fringe stuff that didn’t get talked about at SXSW or ETech. I was totally going to invite you (accessibility + podcasting = ?), though I’m not so sure now that I’ve heard that the insiders think you’re more of an insider than they are!

    Though, maybe, if the insiders say they’re different than you, that actually just means your an outsider. . .

  4. Matt May says:

    Jay Fienberg, you just blew my mind.

    Seriously, though, if you set up a meetup like that, I’ll be happy to attend. But only if everyone signs an NDA. That’s how we insiders roll.

  5. chas redmond says:

    It’s always amusing to watch as someone begins to take themselves too seriously. Not you, but lots of others. Me, I tend to stay away from the self-proclaimed important types – almost like Hollywood Squares – famous for being famous. The W3C rocks!!

  6. Tim says:

    Maybe no-one invited Dave to ensure that he wouldn’t cause a clash of personalities with – ooh – just about anyone else at SXSW…?

  7. Dave Winer says:

    Yeah, I do watch that tag. Mostly it’s pretty informative, and yeah, there are some bitter people around, kind of like you.

    Anyway, I think I wrote about SXSW just once this year, so you lost me in the first sentence of this whine-fest. What exactly is your problem? You don’t like that I say what I think on my blog? If that’s your biggest problem, you’re doing pretty well. Glad you got on the panel at SXSW, so you’re hardly one to complain about me being an insider, you insider. ;->

    And by the way this has to be the shittiest comment editor I’ve ever seen. Four lines? No preview? Get some decent blogging software, okay?

  8. TDavid says:

    I was there at that Seattle blogger meetup, Matt, sitting maybe a few feet away from you guys. I don’t remember Dave “shouting” … but I do remember him having a loud voice and interupting a lot.

    The real issue here isn’t the “inside” stuff, it should be the money angle which is another one of Dave’s sore spots, I think.

  9. Eric Lippert says:

    Four lines encourages short comments.
    No preview encourages people to think before they hit submit.
    Sounds like good UI design to me!

    Matt, what brings you to Kitchener next month? I spent the first 25 years of my life in Kitchener.

  10. Tim says:

    Oh Dave – you make me laugh! You – calling other people bitter! What a card! And “Whinefest” – that’s a good one! Doctor! My sides!


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