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2 out of 2 Matt Mays agree

Filed in: politics, Sun, Apr 10 2005 08:55 PT

The Other Matt May takes note of a vandalism attack on a Medal of Honor memorial in Indianapolis, and responds:

Oppose the war, hate the military, disparage those who sacrficed for their countrymen, associate the president of the United States with the Nazis, do whatever you want to proclaim to the world that the march of freedom is “not in your name.” Use your “creative talents” to make signs spelling America with three Ks, portraying the President as a baboon, and constructing flag-draped coffins out of cardboard. But do it out in the open(…) Leave the buildings, monuments, and places of honor alone. They are not yours to deface.

Amen. The Other Matt May and I are pretty well entrenched on opposite parts of the political spectrum, but both of us find it unconscionable to deface such a thing as a veterans’ memorial.

When I was 17, the Gulf War was on, and a billboard in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I was living, had been put up to display the message “We Support the Troops.” After a couple of weeks, someone had gone up and pasted “Death and Destruction” over “the Troops,” and a friend of mine and I went up there and tore the edited bit down. Even then, I was deeply against the war, and still I couldn’t bear to see the soldiers defamed in a cheap attempt to score political points. And if I saw it today, being against the Iraq War, I’d do it again, too.

Just be careful applying politics to an act like this. Some of us can blame “the left” for this defacement, even when it disgusts most of us who identify as lefties. And some of us can blame “the right” for some nasty things undertaken in the dark of night, as well. Politics is a spectrum of opinions. And supporting our troops is not exclusively a conservative value.

One response to “2 out of 2 Matt Mays agree”

  1. Matt May says:

    Hello, “other” Matt May! I noticed some links to my site from yours, and wanted to thank you for the link to my piece on the memorial in Indianapolis.

    I’m glad to have discovered your site as well, and will check in regularly.

    All the best!

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