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Quittin’ time

Filed in: personal, Mon, Apr 25 2005 23:19 PT

After three years and about 250,000 actual miles of travel, I’m leaving the W3C.

It’s a painful decision to have to make: leaving a group of people I really care about, and work that I think is even more important now than it was when I got here. But I’ve felt an urge to spend a lot less time meeting people who are doing stuff, and more time being one of those people. My job involves up to 14 hours a week of teleconferences and trying to stay on top of three working groups simultaneously. That leaves little time to do much writing or experiment with new technologies, both of which really keep me going. A lot of people who read my blog regularly have noticed a shift in my areas of interest, which I think is consistent with that need.

I still don’t have a new job to jump to, though, so I want to lean on my friends for good opportunities. I would like to find a job that has a good balance of design, development and evangelism, whether it be accessibility-related or not. I’m interested in exploring emerging fields such as citizen journalism, participatory media, open licensing, cool gadgets and podcasting. I have a fairly broad skill set, and prefer smaller organizations where I can have a hand in various facets of the creative process. I’m willing to relocate for the right opportunity. My resume is available on request (but really, who reads resumes anymore?). Email me for more information.

I do have some speaking engagements planned post-W3C: I’ll be presenting with Molly Holzschlag at Web Design World here in July, just after speaking at the Podcast Hotel in Portland. And I’ll be onstage at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in November. I do like the confabs. Maybe I’ll just hop from conference to conference, collecting corporate swag for resale on eBay. That’d be sweet.

4 responses to “Quittin’ time”

  1. karl says:

    Moron, liar !!!
    Who’s that other girl?

  2. admin says:

    Oy. The jilted lover. 🙂

  3. Bruce says:

    I was sorry to read that you are leaving the W3C. Best of luck to you. We are all expecting great things from you. No pressure. I have a longish post for your Envy. How does WordPress handle radom links I have to wonder?

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