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Update, Canadian style

Filed in: General, Thu, Apr 28 2005 18:07 PT

One thing I never expected to do is to email my boss a letter of resignation, followed by a software request. “I quit. Can I buy a copy of Tiger?”

Anyway, I’m in Kitchener, Ontario attending a working group meeting, but I couldn’t help but notice that Bryght founder Boris Mann (oh, Boris, I wouldn’t forget you…) has an idea that marries folksonomies with getting me a new job. He says that prospective employers should tag relevant openings“, using the rel="tag" attribute. I’m thinking it’s early yet in the tagging world, but hey, I’m an early adopter, and I have a soft spot for the geeky. From what I know of Bryght, it’d be a great place to work, if he could find space for me.

But may I suggest a slightly different spin on the tagging idea?

I think it might be an interesting experiment to collect references from various people. It’s destined to be more enlightening than the reference letters I’ll send you. However, as it’s out of my control, it’s also apt to be more mixed than I might like, which is scary, and scary is bad.

Ah, what the hell. Tag what you think of me as a Web geek. If it’s positive on the whole, it could be a powerful statement to a potential employer. Or it could be an excuse to weep, drink, and go on medication.

And if anyone sees a job that they think would interest me, or simply wants to pile abuse on me, they should tag such advice and abuse “get a job slacker“. I’ll track that and Boris’ feed.

Elsewhere, Joe Clark doubts my commitment to Sparkle Motion. To which I say, “Fear and love are the deepest of human emotions.”

3 responses to “Update, Canadian style”

  1. The old “3 truths” thing is especially pertinent now because so many of us are prone to be 41337ists and assume that because we say something is intended to be done easily by *everyone* that doesn’t just mean everyone who can already do this as evidenced by their being able to at least find (but preferably to read/understand) what this is all about.

    When we say “just” or “merely” in regard to most all of this stuff it just ain’t so! Almost invariably whatever we more or less can already do needs lots of explanation and the “3rd truth” (those things that are true only if you *don’t* say they’re true) is always indicative of the aroma of the farts of those who think their shit don’t stink.

    So if something (like tagging) seems obvious it’s almost a sure sign that it will take almost a whole generation to get to where anybody else can actually *do* it.

    You should be the person at “Adobedia” (or is that “Macrobe”?) who must approve any offering (including updates) they make in the software department before it’s released as “accessible” so that they will avoid the inevitable litigation tar-baby they are heading for. You are uniquely suited for that position because of all the reasons that will appear in your CV. You speak of “design, development, evangelism” and of course without chops in all those the job I just described cannot be done, but if done will establish pre-eminence in how things go for whoever has sense enough to hire you.

    Someone who hasn’t podcast(ed) is not qualified. Someone who hasn’t spent nearly unbearable hours listening to Gregg Vanderheiden can’t qualify. Someone who can’t unravel Al Gilman won’t qualify. And unless they get somebody who qualifies (and can only come from a revolving door with W3C/WAI) it will be a quagmire of being way late with what’s next because unless its primary attention is on designing stuff in up front they will always be retrofitting.


  2. David Clark says:

    Lovey — well said brothher. Though I must say that unravelling Mr. Gilman is no challenge at all.

    — A Matt May wannabe

  3. Eric Lippert says:

    So where did you go for dinner?

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