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Vinyl for sale

Filed in: consumerism, music, personal, Mon, May 30 2005 22:29 PT

Having sold my turntables, I see no further need for my collection of vinyl records. If you are a connoisseur of UK garage, 2-step, breaks, downtempo, or drum & bass, you may be interested in browsing the complete list of 231 titles. Fully half of these titles were carried over from London, by me, and many are rare if not impossible to find over here.

I am entertaining bids on the entire lot before I start taking requests for individual titles. Whoever comes up with the best offer will also get my two record cases, which are worth some money themselves, and were also born in London. (Or borne, as it were — I carried 70 lbs. of records and CDs through the streets and tube stations during my one-day shopping spree.) Mail me with any questions or offers, or if you know of any efficient ways of unloading this volume of vinyl.

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