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More Staccato coming soon

Filed in: music, projects, Mon, Jun 6 2005 22:44 PT

Background: In a previous lifetime, your host produced a music podcast called Staccato, in which

Okay, that was early May. Anyway, for various reasons, including the Corante podcast I’m producing, the vacation I took, the job I’m wrapping up, various doctor and veterinarian appointments, a 5k or two, and the house I have been spending thousands on so that I can sell it and move closer in to town.

If you’re wondering what you can do to get me to do more podcasts, you could always buy my house. It’s spacious — too much so for our purposes — and I just painted much of it. It’s also clean, and you can visit my cats. Seriously. Buy my house. (The funny thing is that the other big Creative Commons music podcaster, Grant Robertson, is also selling his house. Strange.)

Otherwise, you’re out of luck. I have lots of music queued up to play, and I’ve more or less skipped the last month’s worth of releases because of lack of listening time (and that included about a week of vacation, where I had nothing to do but audition tracks).

Still, it amazes me that I get 500 listeners per show. But I’d like to get to 1000 regular listeners, while still keeping the show to a bearable amount of work to prepare. So I’m going to go to episode 20 with the current long-format shows, and then I’m dropping down to about 30 minutes weekly, on a set schedule. There may be some other surprises in store, but I’ll never tell. Less, I guess, is more.

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