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Give until I hurt

Filed in: projects, Wed, Jul 27 2005 22:27 PT

I don’t have enough going on in my life, so I’m going to start a whole new project today, and I’m going to ask for your help.

On Sunday, I will be rollerblading 25 miles, from Marymoor Park in Redmond over the top of Lake Washington and back down to Gas Works Park in Seattle. (You may recognize Gas Works from Mike Davidson’s homepage.) It’s twice my record distance, but I have lots of water and gel carbohydrate snacks (commonly known as “goo”) to keep me going.

I also have money on the line. This is a benefit for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of King County. So far, I have a not-insignificant amount of pledges, but I’d like to be able to make that into a quite significant amount, and for that I’ll need your help. To make a pledge, drop me a line. (Oh, and to increase the level of complexity, I’m skating on my wife’s birthday, which means I’ll have to be able to walk most of the rest of the day in order to maintain a happy household.)

Now, I mentioned that this is a new project. The MS Skate is just the first event. I plan on continuing to train for fundraising events like this, and collecting pledges online along the way. Given that this is Seattle, and we love being outdoors while it’s not dreadful to do so, there are fundraising campaigns tied to physical activity from now through November. And there are always more opportunities where that came from.

As I train for the Virginia Mason Marathon next year, I will sign up for as many of these as I can manage, and make it easy for people to pledge online. This is like a do-gooder form of gambling: to collect, I have to accept risk, in the form of roadwork, blisters, and server-side scripting.

There are little fundraisers, like the 5k Race for the Cure that I ran last month, and there are big ones, like the 60-mile Breast Cancer 3-day (which, incidentally, my mother-in-law finished last weekend). I’ll do a range of them. I think I’m fortunate to have the kind of community I do, and instead of just using it to sell ads, I’d rather walk, run, bike, skate or swim my ass off, knowing that it means some great organization will get some money to keep doing what it does.

I’ll launch a site around this idea once I can find a domain some squatter hasn’t gotten to first.

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