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Shopping for a mobile

Filed in: consumerism, tech, Mon, Jul 18 2005 22:40 PT

I have reached the limits of my patience with my Nokia 3650 and T-Mobile. In addition to its frequent failure to ring when I’m called (which I understand is actually common on the T-Mobile network), it’s got a nasty habit of shutting itself off for no damned reason whatsoever. So it’s history.

So I’m asking for help with a replacement. My requirements:

Unlimited data plan
The fastest, cheapest plan available. T-Mobile offers 56k for $20/month. Verizon offers ten times that data rate for $45/month. I hear that Cingular is offering its EDGE service under the MEdianet brand for $20/month.
That includes dialup networking functionality for the data plan above. It appears the biggest struggles with data plans on phones center around operators disabling Bluetooth and dialup networking, so I want to make sure that this is part of the deal.
Flip phone
Since it will go in my pocket, I’d like a flip or a slide. I’m tired of ass-dialing.

So, that’s it. My research has been less than fruitful so far, but it is only day one. Anyone with information to contribute is encouraged to add it below, with my thanks.

4 responses to “Shopping for a mobile”

  1. Mike D. says:

    It’s all about the Treo on T-Mobile. Case closed.

  2. Matt May says:

    Yeah, but, dude, I’d have to use Palm OS again.

    By the way, I’m selling a Tungsten T, a Vx, a VII, and an SPT1500, if anyone wants one or all of them.

  3. Boris Mann says:

    I’m happy with my Nokia 6630, so I would look at that and other Series 60 phones. It Does Everything ™. Oh, and right, get an unlocked phone — just get the SIM card from your carrier.

    If you want to drop some serious coin, check the Nokia N91 (it’s got WiFi). Warning: Nokia’s website is filled with annoying Flashie-mc-Flash.

    It’s not a flip (I’ve never liked flips), but key lock pretty much takes care of, um, “ass dialing” 😛

  4. Mark Gardner says:

    Re: N91. Boris, I think Matt would like a phone that he can actually buy right now, not one that hasn’t yet been FCC-approved or released.

    Coincidentally, I was in a Cingular store today and confirmed that yes, the MEdia Works package will give you both GPRS and EDGE for a flat rate, provided your phone supports it and you’re in a coverage area. They had this nice mapping application there that would tell you what the coverage is like down to the street level — why isn’t this on the web?

    I have a GPRS phone with Cingular, a Sony Ericsson T637. It’s not a flip, and it only supports GPRS, but it works quite well as a Bluetooth modem on my Mac. There were a few EDGE phones there at the store, though not all of them supported Bluetooth.

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