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Any press is good press

Filed in: personal, vent, Thu, Aug 11 2005 14:11 PT

…as long as they spell your name right.

Which, of course, they didn’t.

In an column on Podshow receiving venture capital, Marketwatch’s Frank Barnako (I checked it, twice) refers to me as “Matt Kaye.” Now, I frequently get “Mike May” and “Matt Mays,” but Kaye? Hmm. Maybe I’m Doug‘s kid.

Honestly. Is “Matt May” really that difficult? Does The Other Matt May have this problem? Should I just go by “M” from now on?

Thanks to Hylton Jolliffe (I checked it, twice) for the pointer.

4 responses to “Any press is good press”

  1. Yes, people do seem to have problems with the name. I have had numerous people call me “Mac” May along with the “Mike” and “Mays” difficulties of which you speak.

    “M” might be easier. Too bad M&M and Eminem are taken.

  2. And see, I can’t even spell my own damn name correctly. It’s a tough world, Matt.

  3. Yves says:

    “M” is a french singer, find another letter 😉

  4. Vance Mettlen says:

    I dated a girl who to this day thinks I’m Vince (we busted up cuz Vince was never there when she called), my billing statements range from Vance Metland to Lance Mittleton. And military phonetic spelling over the phone is now a knee-jerk reflex for me. I feel your pain…

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