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Lists of lists

Filed in: personal, Mon, Aug 15 2005 13:57 PT

I’ve been dipping my toe in the Getting Things Done (GTD) water over the last couple of months. It was an interesting book, as books go, and since then I have been working on integrating as much of the process into my daily workflow. Once I get a daily workflow again, at least. But today I found something peculiar about how others are keeping their lists, and how they matched with mine, completely independently.

Lists are key components, naturally, to GTD. The book starts you out with the lists and/or folders you need to store your items (the 43 Folders is one folder for every day of the month, plus one for every month of the year).

But after a while using the system, you’re likely to find something that doesn’t quite fit in any of the categories. 43 Folders consolidated a list the author created of other lists that he found to be “cool” or “convenient.” The funny thing is, of the lists selected by 43 Folders, I had independently created all but one of them. Neat: it’s an emergent pattern. Looks like it’s time for a new edition…

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