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Early morning geek shopping

Filed in: consumerism, personal, Thu, Nov 24 2005 21:03 PT

I’m going to bed soon. It’s because I’m going to Fry’s tomorrow morning.

At 5am.

They have stuff I need. I am hoping I won’t have to punch and claw for the Bluetooth headset and 802.11g USB adapter that I want (both $10), but I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Once I have those in my possession, I’ll move on to the car audio section, and maybe look at the LCD TVs. I need a little of everything there, including Welch’s strawberry soda and chocolate Necco wafers.

The day after Thanksgiving: it’s like Christmas for people with credit cards who hate surprises and waiting.

One response to “Early morning geek shopping”

  1. Ashley says:

    I am picking up a few new tech gadgets for christmas.Looking at getting a new computer a sony viao and new a video ipod.I am alast minute shoppper though I hate going thru all those lines the day after Thanksgiving and do not use credit cards at all what the point pay cash save your money!

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