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iPod nano recall?

Filed in: Apple, design, tech, Tue, Nov 22 2005 09:35 PT

I ordered an iPod nano 4GB from my credit card’s reward program at the end of October. It was scheduled to ship on November 7th, then November 20th. So today, I called customer service.

The representative apologized for the delay, and said that the dates slid because Apple had recalled the inventory they had been promising customers, due to the scratching issues. She went on to say that they should be receiving new product from Apple today and tomorrow.

While this is just one person’s story, and they could just be blowing smoke to keep a customer happy, it seems entirely possible — even likely — that if Apple wanted to fix the nano display’s propensity toward scratching, they’d do it before the Christmas season. I will try to compare the nano I should receive in early December with my business partner’s device to see if I can detect any difference, but I suspect that if they have in fact recalled and upgraded the plastic on the nano devices, they’ll announce it before I ever get to that experiment.

8 responses to “iPod nano recall?”

  1. Kevin Abey says:

    I just called the Harvey Norman Store in Auburn (Sydney)and asked if they had an IPod 4Gb Nano and the sales assistant said that Apple had recalled all 4Gb back to “Japan”. I asked why and he said that they had been recalled due to problems with the screen.

  2. Lucas says:

    I think they need to recall the ipod video for the same reason. I have one and the screen scratches VERY easy. It is unreal, it seems like anytime you touch it it gets a new scratch.

  3. Jared says:

    I had the same problem with My iPod Nano, but all I did was measured the screen size and cut out a piece of screen protector from a PSP protector that you can get from Shopko, Walmart Etc.

  4. Hayley says:

    My Nano needs to be recalled but not for scratches.
    I used mine for two monthes and it stopped working in the middle of a charge, also it took me 8 hours to charge and lasted maybe 3. It desplays that the battery is full and everytime i turn it on it says it needs to be charged.

  5. frank says:

    I just got a 2GB ipod Nano. I have freinds with the vedio ipods and the old Nano’s, they scratch very easy, but the new Nano does not scratch on the front or the back. I they are very durrable

  6. Melissa says:

    Don’t you get frustrated that you can only use iTunes?

    I found it far too restrictive. It’s like buying a Toyota and only being allowed to use gas from the Toyota garage – or a Hotpoint Washing Machine, but only being allowed to use their own brand of washing powder.

    They should open up the spec of the iPod so that you can use any kind of audio format, instead of trying to monopolize the marketplace.

    Just my two pence! :o)

    Peace out x

  7. Tammy says:

    I have a 2nd generation Ipod nano 4g and use Limewire for audio

  8. Teebag says:

    so is there a recall ????
    i really need to know cause my ipod sucks
    its ipod nano 4Gb
    came out like year ago i think

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