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The latest exhibit in why people suck

Filed in: consumerism, vent, Mon, Feb 20 2006 18:33 PT

On January 17th, I ordered a case for my iPod. Not just any case, mind you, but the dock-compatible, magnetically-fastening Sena case, in dark blue. I was undeterred by the fact that it was on backorder, for this was the Ultimate iPod Protecting Device — and in the Blue Flavor signature color, no less.
On February 17th, according to US Postal Service records, the case was delivered to my apartment complex.

Where it was promptly stolen.


It’s not the lost money that bothers me. What has me really peeved about the situation is that someone stole an item that presumably is of near-zero value to them, out of a public space, from a box that wouldn’t exactly cry out “steal me” like, say, one with a big Apple logo on it. And here I am, fifty bucks poorer, with a growing need for a protective outer shell for my still-naked iPod, and having to endure another long backorder for another case, while some asshole has probably already tried selling mine to some pawn shop or fence, and most likely trashed it somewhere when they failed.

Apparently this is the first time someone has had their mail stolen from here in two years, and the manager told me he had kicked out a “transient” who had snuck into the building on Friday afternoon, so it’s probably someone on the outside. But my god, do people suck. I’m having all of my packages delivered to the office from now on, so that I can sign for them, and so that boxes like this will go into a locked mailbox. Of course, I must first add my work address to the list of authorized addresses on my cards, which I now have to do thanks to other people who suck, and who use stolen cards to have big-ticket items delivered to them. Thieving pricks.
Something tells me I need to run by Capitol Loans and see if they have any new iPod cases…

9 responses to “The latest exhibit in why people suck”

  1. Faruk Ates says:

    Geeze, where do you live, again?

    That sucks big time, though, sorry to hear 🙁

  2. Janet says:

    Matt! Have deliveries sent to my house, and I’ll sign for them.

  3. Jake says:

    Just got back from picking up my car. I’d been selling it by parking it in a friend’s driveway.

    Some punks decided to do some work on the car with a baseball bat. And maybe a gun. The damage is so bad I can’t even tell.

    I can’t afford the insurance deductible, and we really needed the money from the sale of the car. I had three offers already. Think they’ll want it now??????

    Why are people like this?

    People just suck so bad.

  4. People do suck, and since you’ve acknowledged this – your life will be infinitely better. I’m not quite sure when I came to realize this, but its far easier to protect yourself and your things when you realize this fundamental law of human dynamics – we suck. It sucks that we suck, but as many a great enviromentalist has said nature hates us (nature abhors vacuums, vacuums suck, nature abhors us, we suck!). Now you can predetermine that someone /will/ steal your belonging that has no value to them, just because they can. You won’t let it come to your home, and wait outside your door – because there is someone in your neighborhood with nothing better to do but steal your stuff.

    My heart goes out to you, but good luck with your new realization that you can’t trust anyone.

  5. big hearted says:

    I once had a drunk, under age girl rear-end me and my man in our car. So, after we both pulled over, us in front and to the right, I went to yell but she looked so young and scared I just hugged her. She siad a few things and then suddenly decided to pretend she couldn’t speak English. Before you know it,whaddya kknow, she DOES speak PERFECT English and then she starts showing photos of her relatives, claiming they are her kids (she was like, 17 and NOT old enough to have all these kids), she said she’d get deported blah blah blah. She gets on the phone to her man, tries to say it’s her Dad on the phone (I personally don’t call MY Dad pet names, ya get me)and next minute she jumps back in the car, my man backs up our car in front as he could see she was gonna bolt and she accelerates and RAMS us in several places to get out of there and speeds of into the night. She then hit ANOTHER car and put that person in hospital and the cops on the way to our accident caught her trying to flee THAT one too! How do I feel abot people? I think you can guess.

  6. Cynthia Dallas TX says:

    There are a large group of immature people that feel they are intitled to things they have not worked for. They want what they want and dont care who it hurts. the jails and prisons are filled with idiots still demanding all of the benefits of our hard work. Tax payers are busting our backs working to feed and clothe and house the criminals, they get three meals a day, get to watch tv, and are as dangerous in prison as they were out of prison. What is the answer? I wish I knew of a great answer. I would love to have a place that was open only to law abiding people. The law breakers, liars, thieves, cons, murderers, rapists and such would be deported, but they would probably just organized and invade and we would have to kill them all. I dont want to be a killer, so I dont know… what is the answer?

  7. I just found this blog by typing in People Suck. I agree. I would have too many stories to tell you. So all I’m going to say is ditto. I’m increasingly annoyed every day. People suck!

  8. alex says:

    all people suck and if you have learned anything messing with them just hurts you in the end.

  9. alex says:

    oh ya and by the way if there is a god out there then he woulda made a place for the law abiding people already and thrown all those law breakers into a god forsaken place like hell.

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