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Filed in: General, Wed, Mar 22 2006 21:39 PT

I have an announcement I’ve been putting off until it’s official, but it’s close enough now. We’re closing on a condo next Monday. The signing is tomorrow afternoon. This is good for me because, as you may know, I’m just not doing much of anything lately.

We sold our first house (Chez Mew) last July, and have been living in an apartment complex that doubles as a dorm for the nearby performing arts school, so I can say without reservation that I am thrilled beyond rational thought at finally having a place of our own again. The new place is about six blocks from where we are now, and we’re on the top floor, in a building we’re told won’t be 300 degrees in the summertime.

Now, all I have to do is find time to get rid of many of my possessions, then pack, move, and get settled in while also not having an opportunity to take a day off until the first week of April.  I’ll do a video tour once we’re all moved in. (It won’t take long: there are only three rooms in the place.)

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  1. I know kung fu says:

    Whats up matt? I should’ve known. Let me guess. This site is now 23% zestier than before?

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