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Set your compasses

Filed in: General, Thu, Mar 2 2006 18:18 PT

If you’re going to be at SXSWi in a week and a half, you’re cordially invited to join us for a Saturday evening social event. It’s rather like a cotillion, except without dance cards, and everybody’s drunk.

It’s the inaugural South by Northwest party, though I’ve been calling it Bryght Blue Vine City. Whatever you call it,  this will be the event for folks who have waterproofed their PowerBooks, drink six-shot raspberry macchiatos, or remember seeing Nirvana in somebody’s basement back when they totally sucked. Do show up between 10:30pm and 2am and help me prepare for my first panel, Bode Miller sty-lee.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your tough sIFR questions. Mike D loves those.

2 responses to “Set your compasses”

  1. Nugget says:

    You need to swing by the SXSW Nuclear Taco event on Monday evening. Free beer and spicy tacos.

    Nuclear Taco Night
    Brush Square Park
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Now in its fourth year at SXSW Interactive, and this year hosted by Intellitechs, Nuclear Taco Night is a celebration of masochistic cuisine. Join a loose confederation of geeks to share the tears of joy that only come from experiencing Austin’s newfound underground tradition: nuclear tacos. (New this year, an Amy’s Ice Cream chaser.) Not for the weak of stomach or heart, these munchies are fiery bliss.

  2. Dan Connolly says:

    hope to see you there!

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