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Clearing out

Filed in: General, Fri, May 5 2006 00:26 PT

My inbox contains fewer than 100 messages. It’s been 9 years since last I could say that.

Our move is complete. During the move, and the resultant settling in, I’ve spent a lot of time relieving myself of clutter. I sold a guitar, a couple of MIDI keyboards, and even did the first weeding of my CD collection since 1993. We sold most of our furniture, and we keep pruning. Fewer pieces. Fewer computers. Fewer gadgets. Fewer books. Fewer clothes. We may even get rid of our storage locker.

Of course, none of this is to say that we have become ascetics, disposing of the things we need along with the things we don’t. It does appear, though, that we are growing out of our desire for more, and into the desire for better. We want things that work as intended, things that solve our problems, things that serve many purposes. We don’t want to have cords cluttering our field of view; instead, we want free spaces for us to enjoy.

Our place is really coming together, and hopefully tomorrow I will rid us of all our remaining boxes from the move. Once that’s complete, the next phase will be to bring my online life into some semblance of order, including this blog and all of the other places I do my writing. Organization is the theme, and will continue to be the theme until it’s not something I have on my mind all the time.

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