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I’m old

Filed in: General, Mon, Jul 10 2006 12:39 PT

…and here’s what made me feel that way.

I just looked at the Italian World Cup squad on Wikipedia. Their birthdays are listed.

I am older than all but five of them (Cannavaro, Materazzi, Peruzzi, Inzaghi, and Del Piero, who’s five days older than me). That leaves 18 World Cup champions that are younger than me. This is problematic for me, because it means I probably won’t be able to get in shape for the next World Cup, and if I did, at 35 I’d be too old. Though I suppose my complete and utter lack of soccer-playing talent may be a larger obstacle.

Oh well. Back to my rocking chair.

3 responses to “I’m old”

  1. ralph says:

    You think that’s bad? I was pleased to discover that I share a birthday with the German *coach*, Jurgen Klinsman, but depressed to find out that he was born a year *after* me….

  2. To put a punctuation on this, Sir George Martin (“the Fifth Beatle”) and I share both the anniversary, but also the year of birth. He and a guy in Texas I worked for twenty years ago make an unlikely trio sharing a “day that will live…”

    There’s a famous “bar bet” that’s popular in connection with the non-intuitive fact that in a group of 25 people it’s better than even money that 2 will share birthdays and since that’s the number of players on a major league baseball roster you can amaze whoever you conned into taking your bet.


  3. Milos says:

    Hey think positive. You look more attraktive. You´re never too old! Bear up!

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