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Hit Refresh: talking Monday in Seattle

Filed in: accessibility, speaking, Fri, Aug 17 2007 16:03 PT

On Monday, August 20th, I’ll be speaking at Refresh Seattle (Ballard Library, 5614 22nd Ave. NW) from 6-7:30pm. Attendance is free, but you totally have to buy me a beer afterward. (Okay. Maybe just one of you. Sixty would be too many.)
One talk about accessible design ain’t enough, Jack. You’d better make it three. The talk is titled “Web Accessibility in Three Acts”. These mini-talks will cover:

  • Everything you should probably know by now as a web designer or developer;
  • What to look forward to with new web technologies and advanced accessibility techniques; and
  • Accessibility hacks – what you can do with the tools that come free with your operating system.

Yes, I will be talking about Ajax, Flash and Flex. Yes, I may even say “Rich Internet Applications.” Things are moving so fast in this space that it’s hard to know what to say even in an hour and a half, especially to tired, thirsty people. Hopefully, this one is going to be fun for the whole family. Bring your engineers! Your product managers! Everybody is invited!

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