Logme documentation

About the Logme Python script -i <id> -transform (or -t) -upload (or -u)

-i <id>
Processes the entry with the given ID. Without this value, processes the most recent entry.
-transform (-t)
Generate the output files, without uploading
-upload (-u)
Upload any files created by a previous transformation

About the Logme format

Here is a sample block of Logme code:

<l:article id="259"><l:title><h2>Logme 0.1 release Monday</h2></l:title>
<l:time>Fri Oct 10 2003 9:39 PDT</l:time>
I appear to be in the clear legally-speaking to release Logme. So, now I'll be cleaning it up for
everyone to look at. Since I have Monday off for Columbus Day (thanks, liberal New England holiday
schedule!), I'll be taking the next three days to put together the finishing touches, write up some
documentation, and do a wish list for 0.2. If anyone wishes to hold me to this date, they should
<a href="">join the Logme mailing list</a> and
harass me publicly.
Depending on how crafty I'm feeling, I may even come up with a logo, or <a href="" title="Creative Commons: Technology Challenges">integrate Creative Commons licensing stuff</a>.
For now, let's just say Logme on Monday, and world domination later.