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How I spent my Wednesday

Filed in: lists, personal, Thu, Jul 10 2003 05:50 PT

This is not a typical workday. But this is also summer, which means All Units Are In Proper Working Order. I will read this list in February when “got out of bed” will be something I use to pad lists like this.

  • Wrote a proposal for a section on what conformance (a solid, normative term) means in the context of accessibility (a squishy, variable-ridden, subjective arena) to go into WCAG 2
  • Started a white paper on alternatives to visual verification techniques that still allow blind users to access Hotmail, Ticketmaster, Slashdot, etc.
  • Arranged for meeting space for one of my working groups at the some of the coolest office space in Fremont, Center of the Universe
  • Commented on why the object element isn’t so bad in XHTML 2, after all
  • Attended and scribed a 90-minute meeting
  • Taught a coworker how to make slides in the standard way, both in HTML and SVG
  • Signed up for a photo site, which will give me unlimited storage, absurd data transfer allowances, referenceable URIs, and alt text. (If it’s any good, you’ll be sure to hear about it from me.)
  • Finished The Nudist on the Late Shift, which I started reading recently enough not to have had it on my reading list. (I finished Silent Poetry two nights ago.)
  • Deleted over 800 messages from my inbox.
  • Set myself up for social interaction on Friday night (Thursday through Sunday are now covered)

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