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Red Sox: and so it goes

Filed in: sports, Fri, Oct 17 2003 17:30 PT

Boston Red Sox logo with a black border around it

I know what heartbreak is, for I am a Boston Red Sox fan.

Meg Hourihan reports from Boston on what it’s like to see the Sox’ shot at the World Series evaporate. Dave Winer quotes a caller to a radio show who says this is worse than in 1986, when the Sox were one out from winning the World Series, but lost a two-run lead with two outs, and infamously, the Bill Buckner error cost them the game, and ultimately the Series.

And it is worse, in a way, because it’s the hated Yankees who beat us this time. But at least we don’t have that one play, the Buckner, the Bucky Dent, that one moment where you knew it was going to fall apart. (Aside from the announcer’s call, but that’s an acquired taste.) You could say that it was when Pedro Martinez wouldn’t come out, and gave up the game-tying runs to Hideki Matsui, but that’s just baseball.

And so it goes, as I said last night. I can’t look in the newspapers or the sports channels until all this has passed. I won’t be watching the Series, because it’ll be too boring for me. My season is over. Pain gives in to anger, anger to resignation.

And so it goes.

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