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Engaging in honest disagreements

Filed in: politics, quotes, Mon, Jan 5 2004 14:47 PT

I need to get back to Wyoming more. I have been too closeted in the company of my cyberghetto, where there is plenty of opportunity to breathe our own pious gasses. We use words like “evil” and “stupid” all too casually. Indeed, we have been behaving every bit as badly than the Republicans were during the Clinton Administration, and I’ve been as smug and supercilious as any of us.

I have to cut that out. We all do. We must engage one another in the kind of honest disagreements on policy that I’ve seen on this blog for the last few days. We must quit calling one another names. We must focus on what is right rather than who is right. We must learn, once more, how to hate the sin and not the sinner.

John Perry Barlow, learning the ropes on his new weblog

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