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Opportunity costs in software

Filed in: blogging, quotes, Tue, Jan 6 2004 04:10 PT

Me and Don Box, we’re like this. Okay, we’ve never met, and where he’s thinking Whidbey versus Everett I’m thinking Panther versus Debian, and where he’s thinking InfoPath I’m thinking XForms, and where he’s thinking Outlook 2003 I’m thinking Chandler. But we’re both from Seattle, we’re both working on our second blogging tool, we’re both screwing around with flat files, XML and databases, and we’re both reluctant to use other people’s stuff:

To answer the obvious “why don’t you just use {insert-existing-software-here}” question the answer is easy: leverage. By building my own engine (again), I get to have some experiences (and hopefully insights) I might not otherwise have if I just configured MT, dasBlog, or dotText. I also expect to have a smaller code base and can hopefully morph the engine more rapidly as I go along - I have a lot of ideas I want to try out and I lose that opportunity just installing some software.

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