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XML-RPC roadblocks to Entropy

Filed in: blogging, projects, Thu, Jan 22 2004 23:56 PT

I’m beginning to suspect my choice of name is coming back to haunt me.

I’ve been having problems finding and implementing the existing XML-RPC stacks in Python. The result is a system that does everything except respond reliably to the very tools that make it useful. Ain’t that a kick in the teeth.

The easiest one, SimpleXMLRPCServer, isn’t threaded, nor is it fast enough to answer more than one request every few seconds. The fastest one doesn’t appear to support code introspection, which I just rewrote my code to do. Others, in addition to not working, aren’t compatible with the license I’ve selected.

So I’m giving up on Entropy until I return from my vacation in a week and a half. When I come back, unless something dramatic happens, I will attempt to implement my own XML-RPC stack to get around the problems I’m having. If that goes well, I can turn around and fix all of the other broken stuff, and get Entropy back on track.

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