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The importance of owning your data

Filed in: blogging, Web, Mon, Mar 1 2004 11:27 PT

MIT’s weblog site is closing. The result: anyone who created a blog there will presumably have to relocate, resulting in broken links all over the place, and lots of frustration in converting existing content, if the owners do it at all.

That’s why I designed my blogging app the way I did: so you don’t need to have control of a server, and you don’t have to trust someone else with your original content. Just set up your own domain, or someplace that makes you feel secure in its longevity. If they go away, or you change providers, no problem: you change your domain and copy your old directory, or regenerate your original content, and move on from there. The lesson to be learned here is that bloggers should always take care to keep their original stuff safe, so that when things like this happen, the Web hasn’t lost its value.

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