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The latest search

Filed in: travel, Thu, Oct 7 2004 16:41 PT

I hate getting pulled aside on the jetway. It’s happened to me four times in recent memory: in Tokyo, Chicago, Boston, and now Toronto.

My attitude when this happens is increasingly piss-poor. I used to smile, or pretend to smile, as they rooted about through my bag and searched me for piercings. But I can’t help but feel targeted — victimized, even, in my own frequent-traveler way. As I’m sitting here, shoeless, having my gear gone through, somebody else is taking the overhead space that I got in line for like a good little prole.

Three or four minutes pass, and the what-ifs get the best of me. I start thinking: What would you rather have happen to you: a secondary search for no good reason, or a kick in the nuts? After the fourth occasion, I think I’m leaning toward taking the shot in the junk. It’s faster, and at least as useful a deterrent against terrorism. But maybe I’m just bitter.

What am I saying, maybe.

4 responses to “The latest search”

  1. Tom Croucher says:

    Well if you will dress like some kind of drug dealer. With all your bling up in your ear!

  2. Matt May says:

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  3. Yves says:

    Next time, try to put something in your bag that will make the security agents laughing, it is your challenge!

  4. Jean says:

    Just attended a meeting in Vancouver that I had completely forgotten about until the preceding day: I had to buy a ticket in a hurry, flights on my regular airline were sold out. Take off from San Francisco at 7:10am, return the same day at 8:00pm. With a last minute purchase, not being a regular passenger of that airline, with no luggage at all, and a round-trip in the same day, guess who got “randomly selected for a secondary search”, both on the way to Vancouver and on the way back?! Ah, the pleasures of watching your shoes and belt go through the X-ray scanner while you’re holding your pants to make sure they don’t drop to the floor, and then enjoying a 5-minute inspection of that laptop bag!

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