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Good things come in twos

Filed in: accessibility, personal, travel, Web, Mon, Nov 22 2004 23:38 PT

I’ve got two new announcements from the last couple days, so I’ll just lump them together here.

First, the Last Call Working Draft of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 was published today, along with its Implementation Techniques document. This is what I pull down the mad Sacajaweas to do, so moving it up the W3C’s ladder toward Recommendation is stressful, but ultimately gratifying. And I did it in time for our semi-annual W3C Advisory Committee meeting, and my keynote panel at the Gilbane CMS conference next week in Boston, so I can flog it to my heart’s content.

Incidentally, if you’re writing a blogging or CMS app, or any other authoring tool for that matter, this would be a really good time to start implementing these Guidelines, since we’re going to need developers’ help to get through the upcoming Candidate Recommendation phase. There’s probably beer in it for you.

And in other news, Episode 2 of Staccato is now online — that’s my weekly-ish show featuring Creative Commons-licensed music. (It’s the podcast that doesn’t talk about podcasting!) It’s worth the download at least for track 1, a country cover of the Wesley Willis classic “Rock and Roll McDonald’s”.

Now, it’s coming up on 11 at night, and I have to be up at 4am to get to the airport tomorrow morning. Catch you on the flip.

2 responses to “Good things come in twos”

  1. Justin Thorp says:

    ATAG 2.0 draft looks great. Good work Matt!

  2. The link to “2” seems to go to “1”?

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