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Doctors, dentists and $5 headphones

Filed in: travel, Sun, Dec 5 2004 11:50 PT

From: American flight 229 to Seattle

Given the recent unpleasantness, during which I lost my laptop and iPod, I found myself in need of a set of headphones so I could listen to the in-flight entertainment. On American, this means buying a set for $2 — still far more pleasant than the $5 “viewing fee” on certain airlines simply for jacking in.

The flight attendant in the first-class cabin announced that the crew would be coming through the cabin delivering $2 headphones to occasional travelers and idiots who just lost their laptop bags. Or so we all assumed. The demand as they came through was now $5.

Naturally, passengers protested, but the price just wasn’t coming down. As one flight attendant relayed to the row behind me. “Oh, she’s wrong. They’re $5. It changed on December 1st. She just doesn’t know that because she’s married to a dentist.”

The woman behind me in 15F was puzzled. “What does that have to do with the cost of the headphones?”

“Oh, well, it’s just that when you’re married to a doctor or a dentist, you don’t have to work as much. When you have to come in every day, you know the prices of things and when they change. So she announced it wrong.”

Hmm. Maybe next time she comes through with cabin service, I’ll ask her if she has any more sour grapes.

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