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Quotable quotes

Filed in: personal, quotes, Mon, Dec 6 2004 09:11 PT

Out of a week full of twists, turns and surprises, here are the two interactions I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

The first is from a conversation with my beloved colleague, Wendy Chisholm:

“I got a great picture of you and Tim (Berners-Lee) at the party.”
“Really? Cool.”
“Yeah. He was looking pretty bored.”

And the other from the often quotable Simon Hernandez, on the topic of the Proust questions each of us answered in our introductions:

“When they were asking the question of ‘What is your greatest fear?’, I was waiting for someone to say, ‘My greatest fear is farting in front of a roomful of people.”

One response to “Quotable quotes”

  1. David Clark says:

    wendy can be so evil at times

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