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The Chez Mew mind this week

Filed in: lists, personal, Wed, Jan 19 2005 19:55 PT

Our household is undergoing some degree of obsessive-compulsive behavior this week. This post contrasts the mental imbalances that have appeared at home, and their various outward manifestations.

Current obsession
K: A new cat.
Matt: Hardware that functions.
Recent purchases:
K: Litter box, kitten food, jingly and crinkly cat toys, one of those grooming combs you stick on the wall.
Matt: Antec aluminum case, 6dB gain WiFi antenna
Objects of attention:
K: Cat breeder sites, Gmail (waiting impatiently for email from breeders)
Matt: Stupid-ass Vaio that bluescreens when he installs the goddamn Alps touchpad driver on XP, Google (hunting down any clue as to what’s going on)
Most frequently-used word, past 5 days:
K: Cat (and derivatives thereof)
Matt: Fuck (and derivatives thereof)
Places visited:
K: Cat show 100 miles south of town; breeder 15 miles north of town
Matt: Fry’s, Re-PC, massage therapist, breeder 15 miles north of town
Sample blog/LJ post from last week:

K: Kitty. Kitty! I like kitties. I especially like Bengals and pixie bobs. Kitties and kitties and oooh! Kitty! So cute! (yawns) I’m tired. Time to go to bed and dream about kitties. (Oh, and I have a new job.)
Matt: (didn’t blog)
Favorite football team
K: Bengals
Matt: Go Pats wooooooooooo

One response to “The Chez Mew mind this week”

  1. K says:

    I think “8000 piece puzzles are hard, let’s talk about cats” should go in there somewhere too. :^)

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