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Wade Boggs

Filed in: sports, Tue, Jan 4 2005 17:08 PT

Wade Boggs has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Boggs played over 10 years with the Red Sox, followed by five with the Hated Yankees (during which he won a World Series ring), and finished his career as the crowd-drawing veteran in Tampa Bay. (He also pitched So he’s in the Hall, and the only question going through my mind was: what hat is he going to wear? You see, the bronze plaques of the Hall of Famers can only bear one team’s logo, and the Hall decides which team the player is most closely associated with. Were he to enter as a Hated Yankee, much of New England would be devastated.

But, good news: the Boston Globe reports that he is most likely to be immortalized in a Red Sox cap. Woohoo!

(This post is only irrational if you didn’t grow up in Massachusetts.)

3 responses to “Wade Boggs”

  1. Bob Regan says:

    Can’t speak for those from MA, but I can verify that from the outside, it is irrational. You take Clemmons. I’d rather see Boggs in pinstripes!

  2. Matt May says:

    I’d be happy to take both Boggs and Clemens, thanks. Though it might be that he’ll want Houston, since it’s his hometown.

    Still, Boggs won five batting titles — all with the Sox. All he did for the Yankees was teach them how not to suck at hitting. By the time he was done in New York, he was even platooning at third.

    If you look at the Baseball Hall of Fame page, he’s already wearing a Sox hat. Take that.

  3. mike says:

    regardless, the sox could never deliver either of them a world series ring. i remember reading somewhere a while back that either clemens or boggs said in an interview that they wanted to go in as a yankee.

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