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Saturday night wrap

Filed in: SXSW2005, Sun, Mar 13 2005 07:10 PT

SXSW mornings are the hardest mornings.

I started last evening at Buffalo Billiards for a little prefunc. Given that this month in most college towns is pronounced “basketball,” both men’s and women’s tournaments were on the screens above the bar, and I situated myself under the women’s Kansas State/Baylor game as I sipped my Newcastle. What I saw on that telecast set me on an evening from which I may never recover. When they went to a shot of a free throw, “Municipal Auditorium” appeared on the baseline below.

In Comic Sans. Three feet tall.

This was, plainly, too much to bear.

Ten minutes and two shots of what may have been drain cleaner later, still reeling, I backed out of the bar and made my way through the streets of downtown Austin to the Frog Design opening party. This was a perfect opportunity to extend my surrealist reformation of my cerebrum. (Comic Sans? How is that possible?) Amid the rich wood tones of the Frog Design offices and the freely-flowing libations, I found pirates and indoor-safe fire performers spinning on pedestals as a Latin band seemingly as large in numbers as the gathered crowd played on.

By now, the drain cleaner was kicking in. Picture one of those tight crowd shots you usually find in a movie about clubbing, complete with go-go dancer clips spliced in, and that was the next two hours of my evening. Oh, and Halo. There was Halo, I think. My eyes, twitching involuntarily as I stuggled to recognize faces in the dark and the noise, managed to focus on a light at the front, and I directed another tight crowd shot for the door.

Stumbling down 6th with some co-conspirators, I was introduced to complete strangers on the street, who could clearly see in my eyes why cool kids don’t do Drano. Details after separating from them are sketchy, though I do remember wandering the streets, musing about the clear decline in the quality of modern fontography, while fellow derelicts nodded wisely. I specifically don’t know the details of how I mounted 22 stories to my room, but I am missing the shirt I was wearing, one of my socks, the phone number of that lovely blonde from the Maritimes, and the bead to my captive-bead ring.

Come to my session on how to use accessibility guidelines today at 3:30pm, in room 16A!

One response to “Saturday night wrap”

  1. Drew says:

    …who could clearly see in my eyes why cool kids don’t do Drano.
    That’s a beautiful quote. And yes, Comic Sans could ruin anyone’s evening.

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