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Mexican road trip

Filed in: personal, travel, Mon, Apr 18 2005 21:35 PT

I have been in a sort of mental haze these last few weeks, or perhaps months, and during times like this, I tend to do some strange things. Usually, it means that I do a large number of things halfway, and spend the rest of the year tying off those loose ends before going somewhere completely different a year later. It’s a condition I call The Cloud. Sometimes it passes in a few days, but this particular Cloud has settled in, and needs to be pushed out somehow.

For reasons which will make themselves obvious in the near future, I’ve had my mind on a lot of important stuff recently, and in recognition of this fact, I’m taking a week off and going to Ixtapa, Mexico next month for a little mental spring cleaning.

It’s funny, but I’ve never been to Mexico. Not even Tijuana, or any of the border towns like Nogales, even when I was living in Arizona. It’s a little strange for an American to have been to Malta but never Mexico, but I suppose this will be remedied in due time. How often I have an old Wall of Voodoo track stuck in my head while I’m there remains to be seen.

I plan on doing a lot of reading and writing, and a lot of not being on the Internet. Though I am shopping for a good portable keyboard for my Pocket PC, because these days any writing I do invariably ends up on a computer anyway, so I might as well keep it all digital. But I’m having trouble choosing between the cheap, often chiclet-sized IR keyboards and the delightful but expensive Bluetooth models. A dark horse is the <a href=””>compact USB keyboard</a>, which is substantially larger, but much more friendly-feeling, and reasonably affordable. If I choose wisely, I may get to start traveling without a laptop more often.

Apropos of nothing, the next Staccato should materialize tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been working on something that’s big enough that I’ll need all of Staccato 16 to evangelize it.

2 responses to “Mexican road trip”

  1. goodwitch says:

    My fav portable keyboard is made byTargus. I always feel a bit like James Bond when I open it up! It is small (when folded shut) and has the feel of a real keyboard.

    Yummy Targus Keyboard

    I’ve also had the Pokcet VIK keyboard which I HATE! is an interesting concept…but doesn’t feel like a real keyboard…and since I type by touch…it doesn’t work for me.

    Enjoy mexico…but be fairwarned…it is addictive!

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