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How to travel, part one

Filed in: travel, Sat, May 7 2005 09:11 PT

This is the first of what may be more than a few tips on how to get around. It has been said that I have some experience in this area that I may be able to impart. Let’s start with packing.

There are those who counsel people to travel light. You know, pack only a couple of light shirts and 2 pair of underwear for any given period of time up to six months.

Fuck them. Seriously.

Here’s what I have packed for the current nine-day trip:

  • six t-shirts
  • nine pair of underwear
  • brown shoes, sneakers and sandals
  • travel kit including electric toothbrush, shaver, contact lenses, and two kinds of shampoo

And, of course, my kit:

  • Pocket PC
  • ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard
  • Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset
  • Etymotic ER-6i headphones
  • 20GB portable hard drive loaded with a variety of music and TV
  • mobile phone
  • Sony CyberShot 3.2Mpix digital camera
  • chargers for all of the above

Could I have cut back on this? Sure, but why? I did manage to leave my laptop at home, and for that, I think this is already a success. Even with all the adapters, this setup saves at least five pounds. I may in the future do short business trips with this kit, because there’s little I can’t do with what I have.

This is how I’ll be posting my stories from Mexico, in all my heavy-packing, heavy-geeking glory. Maybe I’ll even do a podcast or even a videoblog from this device, while I’m at it. I’ve got nothing but time.

4 responses to “How to travel, part one”

  1. I’m always looking for great travel tips, so thank you. In the meantime, Matt, I’m soliciting help for my trip to Japan (any advice will be graciously received).


  2. Kristen says:

    No wonder you took such a big suitcase with you!

  3. Eelrebmyk says:

    dude, next time take some pants or shorts along too. you’ll have less trouble with the local law enforcement that way.

  4. admin says:

    Pants are for the weak.

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