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Sunday wrap-up

Filed in: health, personal, Mon, Jun 20 2005 18:47 PT

I began my Sunday with the 13-mile Solstice Skate (time: 1:11:55). Then I skated 2 miles (uphill!) to my friends’ house, where I framed a piece of their wall. Oh, and I won a gift certificate for $150 off of impossibly expensive skates, which I’m pretty sure I lost on the way up the hill.

Anyway, all that exercise bought me an extra 1200 calories to consume. It’s a little fuzzy, but I think I spent the rest of the day drinking water, eating, and hoping my groin and hip flexors don’t punish me on Monday. They didn’t. Therefore, I’m happy. Plus, I used a saw without losing digits, and discovered the joys of hydraulic tools. It was worth sharing.

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