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The return of eh

Filed in: personal, travel, Wed, Aug 3 2005 21:39 PT

I’m leaving in the morning (in, er, five hours from now) for a town on Lake Huron to attend my friends’ wedding. To celebrate the husband-to-be‘s home and native land, I dug up a theme (called “eh”) that I designed for my last fantastic adventure in Canada.

I have an ulterior motive: I’ve been working on assimilating with our north-of-the-border friends. So I’ll need to get Eric’s in-laws to believe I went to college… er, university with him at Waterloo. My bag is packed with clothing from Roots, I’m craving Timbits, and I could talk for hours about the trapezoid, dump and chase, the end of the two-line pass, or why they should have gone to no-touch icing. We’ll see if my cultural experiment succeeds, or whether my wily American ways will get the best of me. Now where’s my poutine, dammit? (Yes, at A&W, I know.)

One response to “The return of eh”

  1. Oh, this sounds good… looking forward to hearing about the results.

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