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Late night code tutorial humor

Filed in: personal, Fri, Feb 10 2006 00:45 PT

It’s after midnight, and I just sent someone an email explaining a technical detail, stating finally that while an output problem in a certain application could be solved by branching some code somewhere further along in the process, it “would mean Sister Mary Object-Encapsulation gets to smack me on the knuckles with her slide rule.”

I don’t do billable work this late, but I’m thinking that if I do in the future, I should add a surcharge not because of the attendant sleep deprivation, but because there has to be some extra entertainment value in the increasing levels of abstraction exhibited in the emails I send as the evening progresses.

There’s got to be a book idea in there somewhere. Maybe I should sit in the dark, holding a spoon over a plate, and scribble down what I know about technology each time I’m jarred awake by the noise of them clanging together.

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