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Filed in: personal, Thu, Aug 3 2006 09:24 PT

I just heard a jet flying overhead. Granted, this is Seattle, where we hear jets all the time. But rarely do they cause a sonic boom.

Then I remembered the date. It’s the first Thursday in August. And I walked out on to the balcony and looked back at Lake Washington to confirm my suspicion.

Yup. Blue Angels. Must be Seafair weekend.

According to the Seafair schedule, The Blue Angels will be booming around from 10am to 2:30pm today, and performing from 1:30-2:30pm Friday through Sunday. We like them around here, even though they force the I-90 bridge to close when they’re performing.

This will also serve as a heads-up to my wife, who will not long from now get a visit up on the 21st floor of her building by a formation of fighter jets that’ll be so close, she’ll know which one didn’t iron their uniform this morning. I’ll get the play-by-play when she gets home.

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