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See me at Bumbershoot

Filed in: personal, Thu, Aug 30 2007 11:24 PT

If you’re in Seattle for Bumbershoot, the music and arts festival that marks the official end of sunlight summer in the Northwest, there’s an exhibition at the Seattle Rep on Sunday from 7:30-8:45pm, featuring the reigning Grand Champion of the Seattle Spelling Bee.


The top 4 spellers from last month’s finals, including my good friend Gretta, will compete for the Bumbershoot crowd. As finalist and former champ Gavin Borchert writes in Seattle Weekly, we will be at a disadvantage in that there won’t be a full bar at our disposal, but to make up for that fact, we will have a group of youth spelling bee champions to protect us from ass-of-ourselves-making. It’s really a fun event, with audience participation and all that, so feel free to join us.

Oh, and if any of you wanted to make huge cardboard “WE *heart* MATT” signs, that would be pretty cool, too.

2 responses to “See me at Bumbershoot”

  1. Gretta Cook says:

    “WE *heart* GRETTA” signs even more strongly encouraged. 😉

  2. Matt says:

    Hey! Like you need help. Go get your own fans!

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